Google Assistant Android

Google Assistant Go Android is the lightweight alternate version of the official version of Google. Hold the screen of “Hey Google” to give hands-free voice commands and open your required application without touching your device. Just ask things and access quick searches without any hassle.

Google Assistant Go Android Features

Installation & Usability

Install the app from Google Play Store or given the blue “Download” button and launch the app via following some simple instructions. Now you are ready to give voice commands for getting information about nearby restaurants or coffee shops. Just give hands-free voice commands and get things done.

You can get any type of information within moments; just ask any type of question such as mathematics question, dictionary info, games updates, international updates, translation of different languages, images, web answer, and so on.

Listen Audio Tracks

No need of writing lyrics of your favorite track, just murmur a line and start listening lyrics seamlessly,

Hands-free Calls & Texts

Give voice commands for Whatsapp or phone calls or texting and the app will carry out your command, contact you to your family or friends, and send messages to your required person.

International & Local Info

The app helps you to follow your voice command and give information about any nearby picnic point or coffee shop. You can also update about international news or updates.

Day Planning

Plan your day to give commands and set alarm or calendar through the mic of phone. Set reminder or date alerts for managing your daily to-dos. The app enables you to prepare your shopping list, set timers, and take notes about different occasions.

Fast Web Searching

Updated yourself with easy online surfing. Just speak to the mic of the device and gets information such as weather forecast, educational searches, political news, real-time searching, and so on.

Free Access

The Google Assistant Go Android with freeware license is most compatible with all types of smartphones specifically old slow mobiles. The app developed by Google Inc on October 28th, 2019, and belongs to the Utilities & Tools category.

Main Features

  • Installation & Usability
  • Listen to Audio Tracks
  • Hands-free Calls & Texts
  • International & Local Info
  • Day Planning
  • Fast Web Searching
  • Free Access

File Information

Author Name :Google (Freeware)
Update Date :Mar 18, 2021
File Size :(6.48 MB)
Requirements :Android
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