Google Play Store

Google Play Store is freeware and pre-installed app developed by Google. You can browse as well as download apps developed with SDK and published by Google. Fast accessing to the large range of apps, quick finding of answers, exploring interests, and stay updated with Discovers. 

Google Play Store Features

Simple Updating Process

 The app is pre-installed on all Androids to manage the already installed and installing of fresh apps. You can update it through the APK. Simply go to the Settings of the device, About Phone, and tap to Version of Android. The procedure will take you to the new “Google Play Store” features. 

Google Play Services

Use the latest versions and features with Google Play Services. The auto-updating distribution platform enables you to receive updates and easy integration with the advanced goodies offered by Google. You have to install Google Play Services for an affective work of your apps as a lot of apps can’t work better in absence of Google Play Services.

Fool-proof Security

Create your Google account through entering your Email ID and get easy access to all apps provided by Google Play Store without any hesitation. Additionally, the app offers “Google Play Protect” feature for safely checking the apps before installing. The auto-running of the feature secures your smartphone and enables you to avoid viruses, malware, Trojan, and other suspicious data. Google offers very strong and authentic reviews for multiple apps and makes the purchasing of apps easy.

Multiple Categories

The app categorized into multiple categories which enables you to search popular as well as trendy apps and games. For instance, you can search kid-related apps in the specific chart.

Main Features

  • Simple Updating Process
  • Google Play Services
  • Fool-proof Security
  • Multiple Categories

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