Hola VPN

Hola VPN is the best solution for unblocking websites that are not available in your country. It is a freeware P2P VPN service that creates an open web with the help of sharing the idle resources from its users. The supporting API for downloading the app for Androids is 16 and above. You can unblock the blocked websites, school or office firewalls, and get the fastest and open network.

Hola VPN Features

Installation & Usability

The Hola VPN works like a browser and has compatibility with multiple browsers. You can download the app from the Google Play store. On completing the installation, create an account via Google or Facebook. Now select the country or app where you like to work.

Avoid Geographical Restrictions

Access the geo-blocking content which means you can’t access the content as it is for specific locations. Open your Hola Free VPN and find your preferred content through the magic of Hola. You can also manually change the country or location where you want to access it.

Safe & Secure

The app requires some personal information from the user. This type of information is used for communication as well as updating the user. The whole information is for creating your account and it will be completely safe. And the information is only shared with the subsidiaries or affiliated companies for further services.

Easy access

The free of cost app offers complete compatibility with all types of devices such as Androids, iOS, tablets, desktop Windows, and Mac. You can also purchase the pro version of the app for business purposes. The app developed by Hola and belongs to the general category.

Accelerate the Internet Connectivity

The Hola VPN works for two purposes, unblock the blocked sites and locations, secondly, it accelerates internet connectivity, and gives the fastest navigation via saving 3G data. It can compress HTTP up to 70 percent with the help of a URL caching trick.

Main Features

  • Installation & Usability
  • Avoid Geographical Restrictions
  • Safe & Secure
  • Easy access
  • Accelerate the Internet Connectivity

File Information

Author Name :Hola VPN Ltd (Freeware)
Update Date :February 26, 2021
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Requirements :Android
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