Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the best solution for creating, editing, and sharing spreadsheets on the go. The cross-platform app enables you to select high-class variety such as prepared lists of templates, tasks, scheduled assignments, timetable sheets, calendars, and so on for viewing, editing, and creating excel files.

Microsoft Excel Features

Installation Process

Download the application from Google Play Store or the given blue “Download” button. You can log in to the program by creating a free account or purchase a subscription from the app via your Play Store account. You can run the program on Android with 10.1 inches or a smaller screen. Additionally, an ARM processor, as well as 1GB RAM, is also required for the app.

Simple Interface

The main screen is familiar to the Office 2010 and 2013. On launching the app, a clean and simple display will be open with a sidebar of recent documents on the left and a huge variety of templates for creating new documents is available on the right panel. And, the most familiar option “ribbon” is on the top of the display for accessing multiple features. The soft touching of the screen makes your pinching-to-zoom, tapping, dragging, and highlighting the text more smooth and reliable.


The advanced templates help you to arrange a budget plan, accounting or financial analysis, calculate via using formulas, data analyzing tools, and reading or using your workbook easier via the help of formatting options. Apply draw tab and make notes, highlight important parts, create shapes, and solve mathematical equations.

Filter & Sort

Use filtration and sorting options for making your data analyzing procedure through –proper-channel. The app offers two commands; Auto Filter for simple criteria and Advanced Filter for complex criteria. You can easily arrange or sort any type of complicated data into simple form for creating spreadsheets easily. Excel gives you chance to combine two different styles of charts exclusively. In this way, you can create a spreadsheet along with a two-column and line chart to show different information in a single graph.

Easy Collaboration

Excel offers an easy way of collaboration, just within few clicks, share your documents, and inviting others to edit view, and leave comments. You can also attach your edited copy of the worksheet via email or a link.

Main Features

  • Installation Process
  • Simple Interface
  • Multi-tasking
  • Filter & Sort
  • Easy Collaboration

File Information

Author Name :Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)
Update Date :Mar 24, 2021
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Requirements :Android
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