Twitter is on-the-go social media platform for knowing about updates declaring right from the accounts of influential people who effect the world day-by-day. The app covers every field of life such as Politics, games, entertainment, fun, and everything which goes to viral.

Twitter Features

Quick Updates

The app is very simple and fast. You can download the app from Google Play store. On opening the app, the simple and attractive interface allows you to use the app reliably. Just open the public profile and follow your preferred people such as Politicians, sportsmen, TV or Film actors, and much more. Government and other important departments use the app for delivering important daily issues. You can also tweet your own feelings and read tweets through searching hashtags and trending topics.

Create Profile & Share

Download the app and create your account through entering your personal information along with adding your location and background photo. You can post though uploading any visual content, text, or image. Also use hashtags, DM your friends, or chat privately with your friends.


The app offers fool-proof security and privacy. You can limit the contacts if you don’t like that everyone view your tweet. You can also hide your profile also. The positive point of the app, your post can be indexed by Google and Bing and may cause a public search. Direct contact with your followers makes the app more famous.

Trending Option

Get information about any trend within one click. Trending option gives details of trends and enables you to add your own reviews of your trending. From this option judge your preferred people, fashion, style, and current issues through searching top trending hashtags and breaking news headlines.

Main Features

  • Quick Updates
  • Create Profile & Share
  • Privacy
  • Trending Option

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