YouTube is the largest and most famous video sharing platform. Watch videos about entertainment, news, informative, and so on. You can watch videos, subscribe and share, and upload your own videos from the platform.

YouTube Features

Unlimited Content

Find different type of content related to entertainment, education, cooking, informative, and much more. Not only watch your favorite content, but also subscribe your favorite channel and get any uploaded video by the channel.

Create your own Video

You can create your own video and upload it right from your library or record a video via clicking red camera circle in the bottom-right corner of your home screen. You can add soundtrack in your video through using the filters offered by the app.

Multiple Tools

The app offers multiple tools such as Channel Dashboard, Analytics, Comment Filters, and a lot more for monitoring, optimizing, and improving your channel. These tools enable you to make your channel more effective and earn money.


Click on auto-rotate feature and continuously watch or listen video without any distraction. The progress bar is available for pausing, going back to last one, or going to next one. The portrait mode helps you to get extra information like viewer’s comments, related playlist, etc.

Share easily

You can share your favorite video from the built-in share feature. The app is the best platform of social media used in around 103 countries.

Main Features

  • Most famous video sharing platform
  • Unlimited Content
  • Create your own Video
  • Multiple Tools
  • Auto-rotating
  • Share easily

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